VTU students have get less marks after applying for revaluation

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  • students have experienced reduction of marks after applying for revaluation in the hope of having their score go up.

A sixth-semester engineering student secured 40 marks in a paper. Not satisfied with the result, he applied for revaluation, only to see his score dip to 25. To his relief, VTU retained his earlier marks. That was then. Not anymore. From the current academic year, when a student applies for revaluation and ends up with less marks, it is this score which will reflect in their marks card.

A number of students have experienced reduction of marks after applying for revaluation in the hope of having their score go up. The reason for this, according to some parents and students, was malpractice, and so they wanted a change in the rules. Under pressure by this section, the university has changed the rules. Henceforth, the university will consider only the marks scored in the revaluation.

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    Confirming the change in rule to Bangalore Mirror, VTU registrar (evaluation) KG Shekarappa said,

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  • We have amended regulations governing issue of soft copy and revaluation of 2013 answer scripts. Marks after revaluation will be considered the final marks without taking into consideration the marks obtained in the first valuation.


    For example, if a student’s original marks were 50 and it turned out to be 42 after revaluation, the marks printed on marks card will read 42. Not just that, if a passed candidate applied for revaluation and failed to secure the minimum prescribed marks for passing during revaluation (in case of marks decreased in revaluation), such candidate will be declared failed. The change is applicable to all students admitted under the choice-based credit system.”

    The new rule will act as a deterrent for students randomly applying for revaluation. Now, a student needs to be doubly sure before applying for revaluation, according to Shekarappa.

    PU model

    It may be recalled that every year over a 100 students fail in II PU exams after revaluation. These students had ‘passed’ in their II PU main exam. But, for want of more marks, they applied for revaluation only when the PU department realised that they had actually failed long ago but ‘passed’ due to the ‘mercy’ of evaluators.

    For example, a student secured 30 marks in mathematics. Hoping for more, he applied for revaluation. His marks nosedived to nine, a fall of 21 marks. Another girl scored 61 marks in Kannada. When she applied for revaluation, her marks went down to 27; meaning, a drop in marks from first class to failed. Another commerce student met a similar fate. He had scored 22 marks in Kannada but his revaluation results showed that he had actually scored only one mark and due to oversight of the evaluator, he had got 20 extra marks!

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    Post source : http://www.bangaloremirror.com/bangalore/others/VTU-students-think-twice-before-you-ask-for-revaluation-now/articleshow/51047355.cms

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    1. pooja havaldar

      No vtu s not checking pprs correctly when our original result s fail getting less marks then apply for reval tat will clear the subject what s mean of u want to drag mny from us per ppr 400 cost
      Ths not fair
      Wht we hv written u should give marks for tat

      1. kollegetimes

        Dear Pooja,
        We are not the officials to look into this matter. But Agree with your concern.
        Most of students have same problem.


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