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Latest Updates of Anna University :- 

  • 30th-November-2016:-  Anna University affiliated colleges scheduled to be held on 01.12.2016 has been postponed to 24.12.2016
  • Anna University students have to fulfill at least 3 basic requirement to get its semester completion. 

    • A Candidate who has fulfilled the following conditions shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirements for completion of a semester.Ideally  every  student  is  expected  to  attend  all  classes  and  secure  100%  attendance.However,  in  order  to give provision for  certain  unavoidable  reasons  such  as  Medical  /participation  in  sports  /  personal,  the  student  is  expected  to  attend  at least  75%of  the classes during any  semester commencing from First semester.


    • Therefore,  he/she  shall secure  not  less  than  75%(after  rounding  off  to  the  nearest integer)of  overall  attendance  taking  into  account  the  total  number  of 450  periods  in  a semester within 90 working days in all courses put together attended by the candidate as  against  the  total  number  of  periods  in  all courses  offered  during  the semester.


    •  However,  a  candidate  who secures  overall  attendance  between  65%and  74%in  that current  semester  due  to medical  reasons  (prolonged  hospitalization /  accident /  specific illness/Participation  in  Sports  events)  may  be  permitted  to  appear  for  the  current semester  examinations  subject  to  the  condition  that  the  candidate shall  submit  the medical certificate attested by the Head of the Institution. The same shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations,Anna University, Chennai for record purposes.


    •  Candidates whosecure less than 65% of overall attendanceshallnot be permitted towrite the University examination at the end ofthesemesterand not permitted tomovetothenext  semester.  They  are  required  to  repeat  the  incompletesemesterin  the  nextacademic year,as per the norms prescribed

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