How To Save Money When You’re Out On A Date With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If you are in relationships then know the real struggle of managing your expenditure with the limited pocket money you get in college. As the dating & gifts & phone Bills, becomes really difficult to save  money for other things. As large part of your pocket money expense goes to the numerous dates, and therefore, it is important to know some easy ways to save money & to keep it romantic love.

Here are some cool tips to save your money while you are  in college:-

1.) Instead of going for a movie after dinner, try going to the movie first. Most movie theaters offer matinee prices,and a late-afternoon movie rather than a nightime movie can save you some cash. over the course of a month of dating, these savings add up!

2.) If you can arrange a place, like a home, theirs or yours, cook a romantic dinner and watch a good movie together. It’ll be way more romantic and relieving than going out.

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  • 3.) Going out to eat? Instead of having cold drinks or desserts at the end of the meal at the over-priced restaurannt, take a walk on the road instead and get ice-cream from a shop. It’s way less expensive and the walk is a bonus!

    4.) If you’re getting desserts outside, buy a medium one and split it, rather than buying two small ones. Just like the matinee movie tickets, savings are small but again, they do add up over time!

    5.) In the summer, there’s no need to go to a fancy restaurant for a date, just pack your dinner and go for a picnic, along a river or along a grassy park.

    6.) A lot of chain restaurants offer gift cards and coupons with discounts and cashbacks. If you are a regular visitor, don’t throw the coupons away and save them for the next time you go there.


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