Barkatullah university distance education Details

Barkatullah University which is commonly known as BU Bhopal offers the courses in UG & PG courses. The BU Bhopal also provides the Distance education called “Barkatullah university distance education” OR I.O.D.E (Institute of open and distance education). The candidates who are interested in the Distance Education of Barkatullah University can apply online. 

Here are the basic details of Barkatullah University Distance Learning which will help you to search the distance education in madhya pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh is a state in India & there are a lot of Distance Educations provided by the different universities. Here are the  Barkatullah University Distance Education Courses mentioned below. 

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    Courses Offered at  Institute of Distance And Open Learning (I.O.D.E):- 

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  • The courses offered by the Barkatullah university distance education can be seen below. Basically the UG 7 PG courses contains BA/B.Com/BBA/BLib/BCJ/MCJ.

     barkatullah university distance education

    The details Regarding the Eligibility for the Barkatullah university distance education can be seen below:-

     barkatullah university distance learning

    Fee structure for the  Barkatullah University Distance Learning:- 

    bu bhopal distance education

    For the students registering First Time:- 

    bhopal university distance education

    For the students Having Enrollment already:-

    barkatullah university bhopal distance education 

    Ex-Student / Supplementary / Additional Subject Fee:- 

    barkatullah university correspondence courses

    About Barkatullah University Distance Education

    The Institute named as Department of Correspondence Courses was established in the year 1975 with the permission of Madhya Pradesh and University Grants Commission, New Delhi for imparting quality education to distance learners. The Higher Education Grant Commission provided financial assistance of five lacks to Barkatullah University for the establishment of the Institute with a condition that the institute should be self-sustainable in five years. It was because of the concerted administrative and academic support from the Barkatullah University administration, faculty and staff, the Institute was able to fulfill the expectation of the Higher Education Commission and at present the Institute has a sound financial base.

    In 1977 the name of the Department of Correspondence Course was changed to Institute of Open and Distance learning (IODE). Across the period of more than three decades of its existence the Institute has acquired high academic visibility and is considered as the pioneer Institute in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The students with minimum qualification 10+2 or equivalent, irrespective of student’s age and geographical location of the country can seek admission in the distance mode.

    The broad objective of the Institute is to provide education to academically eligible students and professionals who aspire to upgrade their skills and knowledge but are unable to do so in the conventional mode because of various persons including advanced age, past academic record, economic and time constraint, geographical location and so forth. Depending on the type and duration of courses the institute conducts contact classes for students. These classes are taken both by the core faculty of the institute as well as expert/guest faculties. The institute attempts to provide high quality learning resources to the students.

    The Institute conducts a range of courses at the Undergraduate and Post graduate levels in Arts, Science, Commerce, Computers, Management, Journalism, Library Science, Tourism & Hotel Management and so forth. The Institute proposes to launch some short and long duration job oriented countries at an early date.

    In recent years the number of student’s enrollment in higher education in the distance education mode of learning are staggering, with 14 National and State Open Universities and around 130 Distance and Correspondence Institution of Conventional Universities distance education accounts for 24% of the total enrollment in higher education in the country. With the growing popularity of distance mode of learning a sizable number of students and professionals who are keen in upgrading their existing skills and knowledge base are attracted towards the open and distance education system of learning.

    The Institute is having its site which is updated at regular intervals. The students can access all relevant information including syllabus, scheme of examination, and schedule of contact classes, details of assignment and other relevant information. Students are encouraged to access the site of the institute at periodic intervals and get information about the contact classes, examination time table. Students can also address their queries which are responded by the institute promptly. The Institute proposes to start some new job oriented professional courses and wishes to establish its linkages with other Open and Distance Learning Institutions of higher learning so that meaningful sharing of academic resources is possible for students benefit. However, there is a need to give publicity about the academic activities offered by the institute and publishing the information brochure is one such attempt which will help disseminate useful information to the prospective students and motives them to avail the facilities for self development.

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