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Latest Updates of Anna University :- 

  • 30th-November-2016:-  Anna University affiliated colleges scheduled to be held on 01.12.2016 has been postponed to 24.12.2016
  • Anna University students have to complete the basic requirement for the  completion of semester. The Basics requirements for the completion of semester can be seen here.

    The students can check the passing requirement for the  Anna University form the clause given below. 

    Anna University Minimum Passing Requirements 

    A.) A candidate who secures not less than 50% of total marks prescribed for the courses with a minimum of 45% of the marks prescribed for the end-semester University Examination in  both  theory  and  practical  courses  (including  Project  work),  shall  be  declared to  have passed the Examination.

    A.1.1.) If  a  candidate  fails  to  secure  a  pass  in  a  particular  course,  it  is  mandatory  that  he/she shall  register  and  reappear  for  the  examination  in  that  course  during  the  subsequent semester  when  examination  is  conducted  in  that course;  he/she  should  continue  to register  and  reappear  for  the  examinations in  the  failed  subjects till  he  /  she  secures  a pass.

    A.1.2) The internal assessment marks obtained by the candidate in the first appearance shall beretained  and  considered  valid  for  all  subsequent  attempts  till  the  candidate  secure  apass.However, from the 3rdattempt onwards if a candidate fails to obtain pass marks (IA + EndSemester  Examination)  as  per  clause  13.1  then  the  passing  requirement  shall  be  asfollows:The candidateshould secure 50% and above the maximum marks prescribed for coursein the university examinations alone irrespective of Internal Assessment marksobtained

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